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Errington Integrated Marketing

Why Choose Us?

Errington Integrated Marketing has been purpose-built to deliver great business results through smart marketing. This requires ongoing learning as we master the latest and most effective technologies, media, and methodologies to deliver the very best marketing advice and results.

After more than twenty years we have determined that a successful client/agency relationship that delivers great marketing requires, first and foremost, good personal chemistry. Beyond that we pride ourselves in a strategic approach, excellent creativity, messaging consistency, expertise with both traditional and new media, no vested interest in a single medium, marketing integration, a stable of top notch strategic partners, and cost-effective delivery.

Errington IM can give you an edge in navigating the demanding complexities of modern marketing and the challenges of today’s competitive business environment.

A well-conceived strategy is perhaps the most critical component of any business or marketing effort. It is the guiding force and anchor upon which decisions, big and small, depend. Your strategy will dictate messaging, determine media utilization, and how they are applied.

•Publilc Relations
•Competitive Analysis
•New Media

Execution of your strategy is where hammer meets nail. Poorly executed plans are a source of frustration; more critically, they hurt sales, are a drag on growth and compromise the planning process. ErringtonIM will partner with you to ensure your execution is strategically sound, delivered coherently and on schedule.

•Creative Design
•Web & Social Media
•Media Buying
•Mobile Media
•Direct Mail
•Campaign Management

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