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Furled Fronds

Furled Fronds
Teresa Seaton, 2015
Stained glass, epoxy, copper

The fern plant, known for its diversity, can be used as a food, decoration and as an air cleaner. This diversity speaks to the relationship between human beings and the earth. The fern spreads its rhizomes (mass of roots) underground, much like any good grassroots idea will. This growth and movement inspired the artist to tell the story of the Amherst Park Community Garden’s success. The centre of each fern frond features a stained glass panel designed from photographs of the actual plants in the garden. The gardener’s passion is displayed in the colourful glass panels that come alive each time the sun hits them.

The Local Artist Program is designed to tell local stories using local artists. The 2015 program commissioned six small to medium-scale murals throughout the city. These commissions were open exclusively to Burlington artists. Free professional development opportunities were offered to assist artists with the application process and project development.

For more information about the City of Burlington's Public Art program, visit www.burlingtonpublicart.com

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