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Burlington, Ontario
L7S 2J1
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Insite Design

Insite – Brand / Design / Communicate

We are a full service brand, design and communications agency located in Burlington Ontario Canada that focuses on integrating design and communication across multiple modern mediums. Our working desire is to ensure that our clients and their customers are as passionate as we are.

Our goal is to make compelling and experiential connections between brands and their customers.

We look at marketing in a holistic way, not satisfied to “supply” solutions for challenges that don’t address the whole, rather we are a business partner that adds value to the relationship between customer and the end user. We are a translator of cultures, the middle of a communication pipeline that facilitates, refines or defines the conversation some dismiss as commerce but we call brand relationship.

What we do

We work with clients of all sizes to create:

+ well considered design in many applications
+ brand design, packaging, retail displays and interior elements, trade show displays
+ brand strategy, naming, brand personality and tone
+ web design and programming, online application development and interactive
+ video creative and directing

Our value

We are:

+ Brand thinkers – can you think too much about the work you do?
+ Seasoned product and wine marketers – but still fresh and learning every day
+ Wine passionate (a nice way to say we enjoy too much of it)
+ Partners – we act as integrated members of your team, providing intelligent input and guidance
+ Knowledgeable and seasoned in marketing – branding, design and communication
+ Experts in content management and information architecture

Our Expertise

In a broad sense we are experts at focused communication at a target audience – a smaller bulls-eye than you may believe is possible, with greater results than you anticipate could result.

+ We assist our clients in understanding and communicating with a premium category of audience.
+ We apply our skills to many mediums, ensuring a mix that makes sense and maximizes dollars spent. This includes integrating design through print, package, in-store point of sale, sales support, web and interactive, digital promotions and emails, customer relationship management and plain simple customer interaction
+ We believe in the conversation between client and their customer and create and support foundations for this exchange
+ We are expert project managers and content creators

Contact Us

1.905.634.8365 or email: studio@insitedesign.ca

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