2205 Mount Forest Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7P 1H8
905 335 7600 ex 7352


Simon Frank, 2016
Etched stainless steel

Log is a site-responsive artwork that takes its inspiration from the forest that surrounds Mountainside. The idea for Log grew out of the artist’s time spent exploring the network of trails on the property and consulting with residents about the site. The artwork attempts to make important connections between the human and natural histories of the place. In the same way that the growth rings of a cut tree act as a clear record of the age of the tree, the tree’s rings can also be linked directly to the events of history, as a kind of concentric timeline. The stainless steel tree sections that comprise Log represent just such a connection - making visible some of the important moments in the history of both Burlington and the Mountainside community.

For more information about the City of Burlington's Public Art program, visit www.burlingtonpublicart.com

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