Elgin Promenade at Elizabeth Street
Burlington, Ontario
905 335 7600 ext. 7352

Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze
Studio F Minus (Toronto, Ontario), 2018
Urethane resin

Main Squeeze is a playful relief sculpture stretching across a 100-foot long fence on the Elgin Promenade. The artwork captures the moment of contact between the fence and a strange, colourful material squeezing through its slats. The work was created showing the opposing forces at their highest tension, raising questions to the viewer about what is happening. Will the fence successfully hold the line, preventing this mysterious ooze from slipping through the cracks? Or will the vibrant mass succeed and force its way through to the other side? The artwork was created by acclaimed Canadian art and design collective Studio F Minus (Brad Hindson and Mitchell F. Chan). 

For more information about the City of Burlington’s Public Art program, visit www.burlingtonpublicart.com.

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