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Many Faces Art Studios

My Bio - true story!

I am a professional artist who earns his living through the artwork that he creates. Many of those pieces tend to be of the erotic variety, and comics are a close second. I was drawn to art from a very young age through classical artwork, cartoons, and comics. I still have a great love and affinity for all three. You will find elements of cartoons and comics within my works; perhaps you'll find some elements of classical art within as well. Mostly self-trained and self-taught as an artist, I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and mediums. A sketchbook and drawing implement is always near to hand.

My artwork has been featured in gallery hangings around the world including New York; London, England; Montreal, Quebec; Portland, Oregon; and Trinidad & Tobago

I am the co-creator of the webcomic Kid Robo. http://www.grayhavencomics.com/webcomics/kid-robo/ It's a fun, energetic, all-ages romp with fun, bright characters and all sorts of situations.

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