440 Locust Street
Burlington, Ontario
L7S 1T7
905 335 7600 x 7352

Spiral Stela

Spiral Stela
Peter Powning, 2013
Stainless steel and cast bronze

Spiral Stela offers the opportunity for discovery, education, and an enhanced sense of local identity. The artwork is a community touchstone honouring Burlington and the Performing Arts Centre, its history, natural environment, culture and identity. The sculpture was created with the participation of more than 200 Burlington residents providing personal items of significance to Powning’s ‘cultural mulch.’ Those objects ranging from trumpets to Olympic medals and toy cars to grandma’s glasses, form the bronze band surrounding the obelisk sculpture. Residents shared a glimpse into their personal culture, creating a unique connection between the artist and the Burlington community, telling the community’s story through this work. Spiral Stela was made possible in part by a generous donation from resident Dan Lawrie, the first major donor to Burlington’s Public Art Program.

For more information about the City of Burlington's Public Art program, visit www.burlingtonpublicart.com

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