Experience - Upcoming Events

RCI 2021 Lunar New Year Celebration, "Better Together, Because We All Belong", will be premiered on Feb. 6th, Saturday, 19:30 at the following link: https://youtu.be/PVmQ38urgNg

It will feature a Chinese traditional arts introduction, an interview with seniors about how they cope with COVID 19, a cooking lesson, different types of performances, and much more. One of the MCs is bilingual, and most parts of the show have English subtitles.

It is a totally free event and we invite everyone to come to watch, either at 7:30 pm on Feb. 6th, or any convenient time after the premier. We hope it can bring some smiles to the people who are isolating at home during the winter.

Here is the show trailer: https://youtu.be/ghFBOIoRuLU

You also can find all of the above information from RCI website: www.redleafculturalintegration.com