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Bird Conversations

Bird Conversations, 2018
Brooke O’Connell (Burlington, Ontario)
Panel, sound installation

Five larger-than-life birds can be found attached to the trees in the wooded area of the park. Each bird is designed to give the appearance that they are in conversation with one another. Recorded birdcalls are activated when a visitor enters the wooded area.

This project was inspired by the changing demographics of the Halton area. The different types of birds are a metaphor for the cultural diversity within the community. The birds are sharing an environmental space, communicating, and living together. Communities thrive when members are active participants, sharing their experiences and the richness of their personal cultures and histories.

The Local Artist Program is designed to tell local stories using local artists. The 2017 program commissioned two medium-scale installations throughout the city. These commissions were open exclusively to Burlington artists. Free professional development opportunities were offered to assist artists with the application process and project development.

For more information about the City of Burlington’s Public Art program, visit www.burlingtonpublicart.com

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