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Brash Avenues

Brash Avenues is a full service marketing company working with you for all your marketing needs. We specialize in marketing products, offering you full services from graphic design, loyalty programs, custom designed products, unique packaging and mail campaigns.

Combining Innovative Products with unique ideas and providing excellent client support let us become your marketing partner. Brash Avenues delivers exceptional quality branded premium items that are designed and created with your image in mind. The staying power of promotional products gives it an edge over other types of marketing. These useful items are not disposed of, therefore they keep on advertising your message long after other elements of a campaign have been forgotten.

 Did you know…Customers who received promotional products reordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons and up to 13% sooner than those who received no promotion. Salespeople who gave promotional gifts to their customers received 22% more referrals than salespeople who did not use promotional products.

What better way is there to promote positive attitudes and feelings toward your company then with promotional merchandise? To wrap up, customers who receive promotional products reorder more quickly, order more often and give more referrals than those who receive no promotional products. Contact us today, and we will put together a promotional program that will help you overcome the challenges in your business.


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