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Burlington, Ontario
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Cathy Baxter Piano Studio

Are you thinking about piano lessons for your child? Do you live in Burlington? You will be giving them a gift - the chance to learn how to play the piano. I am an elementary school teacher with an insightful understanding of children. I teach in my home-based studio in Burlington, Ontario. I plan each student's programme to suit his or her individual needs and abilities.

I teach: Beginners, Advanced students, Classical music, Popular music, Preparation for Royal Conservatory exams, Theory, Harmony, History, Playing by chords, Playing by ear.

Learning to play the piano is a process of many abilities working together:

  • Strength and flexibility of the fingers
  • Eye/hand co-ordination: the eyes read the music and send the message out to the fingers
  • Ear: the ear hears whether it sounds right. Sometimes the ear can hear and send the message straight to the fingers.
  • Rhythm: the ability to keep a steady beat, not cut off beats or add extra beats.

Your child will have varying degrees of skill in each of these areas and it is my job as the piano teacher, to find out in which areas he or she is strong, and in which areas he or she will need encouragement.

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