Plains Road at Waterdown Road
Burlington, Ontario
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Crescendo (Rising Wave),
Lilly Otasevic, 2017
Mirror polished stainless steel

Crescendo in music represents a gradual increase in loudness; a build up to reach a point of great intensity, force, or volume. The angled tubes of the sculpture gradually increase in length and height and follow a twisting motion to create a rising and culminating wave. The design of a rising wave was motivated by the desire to create a sculpture with the appearance of movement.

Water is a central theme of this sculpture. The sculpture’s appearance of coming together and moving apart represents a hub of activity in the community. These characteristics serve to represent modern times as well as the historical context of Aldershot Village. This aligns with the change that has occurred in Aldershot Village and continues today. Driven by the community, this project is an innovative partnership between local residents, businesses and the City of Burlington. 

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