1090 St. Matthews Ave
Burlington, Ontario
L7T 2J5
905 681 0218

Ivan Fernandez - Artist

Why I Paint: The Canadian landscape is vastly diverse. It ranges from rain forests to mountains, from prairies to boreal forests, from tundra to the Bad Lands, and from glaciers to tidal plains. Over the length of my life I have traveled across much of this landscape by car, rail, plane, hitchhiking, canoeing, and hiking, and it never ceases to amaze me how diverse the scenery is. Painting has become a way of observing this varied topography, and attempting to capture what I feel as I look at what is in front of me. In order to do that requires not only recording the light reflecting off the objects I see, but adding what is required to capture the essence of the place. I spent 30 years in research observing and recording the micro world with an electron microscope. Today I observe the macro world, and record my impressions with paint.

I particularly enjoy Plein Air Paining, which is painting landscapes outdoors on site. It is the best way to observe the light, colour and form of the landscape and our ever changing weather. I also work in my home studio and at the Burlington Art Center. Subject matters that interst me include urban areas, portraits, still life; in fact anything that has a fom or colour that catches my eye.

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