4032 Apple Valley Lane
Burlington, Ontario
289 259 1017

No Vacancy

No Vacancy is a community-based arts organization committed to curating contemporary pop-up art exhibits in unique locations throughout Burlington, making use of space that is either vacant or not typically used for art. Our events typically involve multiple artists using a variety of spaces. We aim to support the best contemporary art talent in Southern Ontario by providing opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists to reach new audiences and push the boundaries of their art.
Our goal is to make Burlington a viable place for artists to showcase their work, for patrons of the arts to enjoy unconventional installations, and for businesses to get involved by sponsoring contemporary art events.We frequently make use of vacant or non-typical space by transforming it through the experience of art. Our long term goal is to create opportunities for talented contemporary artists while giving patrons an opportunity to experience contemporary art in unexpected and inspiring ways. We strive to nurture and cultivate an eco-system of creativity, innovation, and continual evolution in art.

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Business Type: Not for Profit
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